Keep Your Skin Soft and Supple

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Do you want your skin to feel renewed? Do you want your skin to have a youthful, healthy glow? At Pamala's Skin Spa & Boutique in Abilene, TX, we specialize in facial treatments and skin care solutions.

Offering a range of facials and extractions, you can be sure that you'll feel reenergized when you leave our day spa. Our staff will figure out the perfect facial for you based on your skin type. Plus, we aim to make your experience as relaxing as possible, providing head massages while your facial mask is drying.

Our signature package is the HydroFacial treatment. Using cutting-edge technology, the HydroFacial opens up your pores and gives your face a deep and moisturizing clean.

Call today at 325-668-8839 to learn more about our facial options and HydroFacial treatment in Abilene, Texas.

Why should you get facials regularly?

Why should you get facials regularly?

Getting a facial on a regular basis is a great practice, no matter what your age. The customized facials at Pamala's Skin Spa & Boutique:

  • Remove and prevent dry skin buildup, keeping your face glowing, fresh and firm
  • Act as an anti-aging method, smoothing lines and preventing them from setting in
  • Help control oily skin, acne breakouts and the occasional blemish
Taking care of your skin is a big part of beauty and self-care work. Schedule a facial in Abilene, TX right away to maintain your appearance.